Saturday, January 31, 2009

Food Blogging Equipment

Well, I finally did it. I went and built myself a light box. Here's hoping that it gets me posting more during the winter! I still have some lighting stuff to figure out, I think one 60 watt bulb isn't enough, but it's better than nothing :) These pics were taken at 10pm.


Peabody said...

The one thing you are going to want to watch is that I can see the light in the bowl (the refelction of it) and it takes away from the picture. Can you put the light to the side and bounce the light?

Tricia said...

I noticed the light. I know I can use white fabric and shine the light through the fabric, but right now I don't have any. I will try bouncing the light. I definitely still have some playing around with it. Thanks!

Linds said...

Oooo go you! I need to make one! Do you have the instructions you used? Can you maybe email them to me?